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Jerusalem Cross Tie Bar Crusaders Shield Cut Out Design Silver and Gold Tone 3D Five-Fold Cross Tie Bar

Jerusalem Cross Tie Bar Crusaders Shield Cut Out Design Silver and Gold Tone 3D Five-Fold Cross Tie Bar

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Tie Clip adds a touch of Class to your suite. We have many Custom Tie Clip, Personal Tie Clip to add to your collection. Gold Tie Clip, Silver Tie Clip, we got you Covered. We have great designs of Tie Bar also. Check out our great selection today.

Approximately 2" x 1/4" in diameter

Rhodium Plated Base Metal

Silver Rhodium Plated

Hand Crafted by Artisan in the USA

Rhodium Plated Silver Hinge Back Closure

A tie clip (also tie slide, tie bar, or tie clasp) is a clothing accessory that is used to clip a tie to the underlying shirt front, preventing it from swinging and ensuring that the tie hangs straight, resulting in a neat, uniform appearance.

Tie clips are commonly made of metal and often have decorative patterns or embellishments. Some clips have a small badge indicating membership to a club or some other affiliation, or some other commemorative token, in a similar manner to the way in which ties themselves may be used as signs of membership. The use of tie clips gained prominence during the 1920s, during which period the use of straight ties made of delicate materials such as silk became more fashionable, and they largely came to replace the more traditional tie pin.

The Jerusalem Cross is a major symbol used in Christianity, representing Christ’s command to spread the Gospel around the world beginning in Jerusalem. The symbol is basically composed of 5 crosses; 1 large central cross with 4 smaller crosses in each quadrant. It is also often referred to as the Crusader’s Cross and less frequently as the Cantonese Cross.

The Crusaders used the Jerusalem Cross as an emblem; bearing the symbol on the papal banner given to them by Pope Urban II. It was adopted by Godfrey de Bouillon as his personal coat of arms. He was one of the leaders of the Crusades and became the first ruler of Jerusalem (he refused the title of “king”) after successfully driving out the Moslems during the First Crusade in 1099.
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